Thursday, November 30, 2023


“Saving the Earth”

 The battery boondoggle.


The Clueless Lack of Awareness of the Overlords

They’ve pushed and shoved, lied, stole, harassed, coerced, and threatened…

and, they think they’re going to get away with it.

Good luck with that.


From the Phony Clique Dedicated to

outlawing hate.


The very definition of fascism is

powerful corporate interests allied with a powerful central government.  The so-called “woke” schemers of  “the current thing” are fine with the Communist Party of China but have a problem with the idea of free speech in America.

They really should “go themselves.”

Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon

 It always comes down to common sense.


The Pelosi/Democomm Machine

 Video footage deliberately kept under wraps by the deep state commie minions. 

Monday, November 27, 2023


Universities are Clearly no Longer Places of “Higher Learning”

 I’ve reposted this once or twice before but I always feel it requires repeating, particularly after seeing this latest ridiculous nonsense from the cultural-Marxist swamp of mediocrity.

The whining vapid clown in the link would clearly be unable to fathom a choral fugue — or a sunset for that matter.


More on the Bogus “Insurrection”

This is another excellent overview  of the events of January 6th. He covers it all.  There are a lot of people in government who are very deserving of retaliatory punishment. May the gods of poetic justice have no mercy.

History will — eventually — record these events as patriots vs. a cabal of corrupt and evil autocrats. 

Sunday, November 26, 2023


Character flaws vs. submission to pure evil…

Sarcastic responses to mean tweets directed at him…Pompous exaggeration and goofy off-the-cuff remarks… All the things that would doom a candidate among a public content with the edicts of an elite status quo…

In spite of the perceived downsides, Donald Trump is THE anti-establishment candidate.  If elected, we get more of what we got before and a president who will no longer play their games of perpetual bogus impeachment. If he loses, we get the quick and final slide into dystopian oblivion…

“You will own nothing” and the world will be miserable for decades or possibly centuries. 

Saturday, November 25, 2023


Victor Davis Hanson’s

 Excellent summary showing just how blatently dishonest the Democrat party is.

Friday, November 24, 2023


“It’s One Big Club”…

 And, “you’re not in it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023


No Notes. No Teleprompter

 And Always brilliant


Wait patiently, there will be Justice

 When the time comes, remember things like  This..  The Biden Democrats have erected a police state where practicing the rights formally guaranteed by the constitution are under continuous assault in a brutal exercise of wanton power.  …and they’ll tell you all that “Trump threatens our democracy.” 


The very definition of…


…don’t forget, in addition to ushering in a dark night of fascism, Trump will probably secure the border and lower taxes….the horror….the horror


The Clueless and Pathetic Views of…

 the Hollywood elite

Tuesday, November 21, 2023


The Democrats’ solution to imagined “threats to our democracy” is to always initiate threats to our democracy.

Monday, November 20, 2023


Bellwether Argentina

 Sanity prevails.

Sunday, November 19, 2023



 And the official policies in promotion of one big garbage heap.


Tucker Carlson

 Always sums it up well


In Spite of Their Maliciousness

 The overwhelming negative attribute of the Democrat party is blatent incompetence.

Saturday, November 18, 2023


“Worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Civil War”

 The Democomms’ phony “insurrection.”

Friday, November 17, 2023



 I guess those seminars in socialism are expensive. 


The Ruling Party

 Absolutely f…’n amazing


Sums it up   rather well.

Thursday, November 16, 2023


Harriet Hageman and Wesley Hunt

 Outstanding representatives of a free republic.  This is a fiery one, and a bit entertaining. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2023


‘Just a Reminder

Among the many bogus legal attacks on Donald Trump currently directed at him, the one in Georgia is among the most absurd. At issue is Trump’s claim that there was significant election fraud in the 2020 election.  Every establishment media outlet reports Trump’s contention as if it is groundless, yet virtually every election where a Democrat has lost, the losing candidate has made the same claim. ‘Must be a case of “orange man bad.”

Considering the numerous permutations from simple election decorum, with the excuse that the Corona virus  prevented conventional in-person voting, the 2020 election was chaotic.

Attempts to present evidence of this scam have been rejected by courts across the country.  Courts did not “reject” Trumps position (as many try to suggest), it was never even allowed as a point of discussion.

Here is one of many overviews of the type of dishonest manipulations that occured and put a senile leftist puppet into a position of authority. Of course, leftland is fine with all of this — anything that will feed more power to the state to rein in the free-wheeling public they so disdain. 

Monday, November 13, 2023


The Government Votes

 …for itself.


Fine Art Prints

  For what it’s worth, a brief introduction to fine art prints— woodcuts, engravings, etchings, etc. 


Warnings of the Obvious

…at least it should be obvious. 

To the government and citizens of Japan;  Don’t repeat the foolish mistakes of failed states.  

By now it’s become more than obvious to international observers, that America is an “empire” in decline. I’d take issue with the accusation of “empire.”  As a wealthy and powerful society, America has had enormous influence but to suggest that it has lorded over conquered territories with direct control and outright theft of resources serves no honest appraisal.  America’s actual “empire” never reached far beyond some Caribbean island states and the Philippines.  Conquering lands occupied by hundreds of contending “native American” tribes was pretty much on par with the usual land seizures that have recurred across the globe.  Other small sections of the world’s real estate briefly fell under post-war administration but few were screaming to be freed from the “horrors” of constitutional government and fast food franchises.

“Empire” or not, a reasonable and less-debatable argument can be made regarding the “in decline” part of the issue I’ve brought up.  

Some can effectively argue how permanent (or not) America’s current weakened state is.  While many feel that America’s present difficulties are a temporary rough patch that will successfully be addressed, others note the historical record for societies in the cycle of progress, achievement, weakness, and decline.  Whether one’s model is Greece or Rome, it is unmistakable that great and powerful cultures thrive and eventually die the same as any plant, animal, or individual human. 

Japan is not an empire (though it temporarily was after conquering Korea and Manchuria). It is however a prosperous and successful society. Problems with demographics and various social problems are, though serious, of the type that exist the world over.  

Japan’s biggest mistake would be to follow the path that America has been on of late.

One of Japan’s greatest strengths lies in its homogeneous cultural makeup.  Diversity is NOT a strength.  Not when it introduces conflict and chaos within one nation’s borders.  I suppose I could be accused of being a hypocrite, criticizing foreign intrusions into other country’s cultural fabrics.  But, I’m certainly not living in Japan in the hopes of encouraging hordes of others to alter the very fabric of Japanese society.   The most “diverse” thing Japan can do is actively preserve its unique culture for the rest of the world to appreciate on its own merits.  

If America’s path is one of sharp decline, Japan needn’t follow.

While international organizations like the parasitic and power-seeking UN continues to bully Japan with demands that they take in hordes of escapees from the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere, there continues to be no sane or objective reason why they should do so.  Is the goal of contrived “diversity” to empty huge sections of the world’s geography of their native inhabitants?  Is it to flood and destroy the cultural cohesiveness of other cultures — “Syrian good, Swedish bad.”

Leftist political philosophy has brought devastation to the  unique and successful countries of Europe.  Demands that citizens submit to massive foreign migration and totolerate increases in murder, rape, and petty crime, seems to be justified upon nothing more than “let’s be nice.”  If being “nice” means bowing to the demands of wanderers from failed societies with deficient cultural norms and lacking standards of civilized behavior, perhaps advanced societies need to pass on mere “niceness” for the more valid role of maintaining their nation’s cohesiveness and the interests of its own citizens.

Acting in the interest of one’s own citizens is no vice.  Sacrificing their safety and happiness certainly no virtue. No matter how insulting it may be to some, the word “backward” is a more than appropriate word for cultures that are,…backward.  Throwing gay citizens off of rooftops and draping half of one’s society in dark shrouds is backward and there is no reason for successful and advanced cultures to open their doors to such nonsense.

Other areas of existence where Japan could save itself from potential decline is to reject the top-heavy growth of the bureaustate.  It’s currently destroying America.  A powerful centralized government authority will do whatever it wants and its citizens will NOT do what they want — they will not be free. Japan already has a system clogged with bureau sclerosis and the impact on its economy is more than apparent. As in America, this needn’t be so.  Paying attention to the flawed actions of America should guide Japan on what NOT to do regarding issues of spending, taxing, and regulating.  Any culture can become prosperous given enough latitude for citizens to create, buy, sell, and freely choose their pursuit of happiness.

Aside from the — stupid — migration issue, and equally stupid leftist economic policy, the issue that’s particularly troublesome is a rampant cultural decline. All the factors that offer societal stability have been under unrelenting attack in America.  It seems like every month, “the culture” comes up with some new spin on what is acceptable behavior.  Every perversion and deviance under the Sun is now actively promoted and every lifestyle of decency and moral clarity, the object of mockery and disdain.  I’m not sure what the solution is to this decay. Perhaps it’s insurmountable precisely because it is a part of the natural order of things — societal decline is unavoidable (?)

Japan has caught much of the global “decline virus” but it needn’t succumb to the degree of rot that now plagues America.

The warning to Japan is, pay attention(!)  See what flawed ideology and policy has done to even the most successful of cultures and take a stand to not follow in their footsteps.  Japan has every right to maintain its own unique culture and reject the demands of parasitic international organizations and dogmatic ideologues. 

The cycle of strength, prosperity, and decline needn’t make an early showing.  …Pay attention.


Anyone who calls themselves “liberal” and

supports stuff like this is totally insane.  By the way,…the establishment talking point that Trump poses a “threat to our democracy” is a flagrant example of psychological projection. 

Saturday, November 11, 2023


“Eat Zee Bugz”



An Excellent Appraisal of the

“Rhino” phenomena. 


‘Couldn’t Have Summed It Up Better



The “Liberal” of Our Time

In spite of some reasonable stances among “liberals,”  the fact remains that the values of leftism today default to an increase and centralization of state authority and the inevitable corruptions of a powerful state.  They’ve been on a road toward communism for some time. What distinguishes the current circumstance is that they’ve arrived. 

It’s one thing to support an increased minimum wage, quite another to use the Justice department to purge “MAGA extremists.”  Any political ideology outside of a reasonable penumbra of the “center” always prioritizes enhancing its own authority and eliminating their opposition.  Once successfully eliminating alternative views, they pretty much do whatever they want. No one is going to like what’s coming.  Well, actually, there are always a few apparatchiks that are fine with a population under their thumb.

Friday, November 10, 2023



 The examples continue the descent into the pathetic.


 One of those items that won’t make it to the desks of establishment media. …  “No need [for elections]. We’re in charge now.” Classic leftist view of government. 

Thursday, November 09, 2023



 The stupidest and most dishonest piece of excrement in the Biden “administration” today. 


The Uniparty

 hates your freedom.

Wednesday, November 08, 2023


The Police State

 …doesn’t like “Police State”



Go figure. 

Tuesday, November 07, 2023


The Clown Parade

One:   Modern civilization runs on oil.

Two:   Opposition to modern civilization and the use of oil has absolutely nothing to do with a beautiful baroque painting.

Three:  …assholes

Monday, November 06, 2023


Ted Cruz

 on cultural Marxism

Sunday, November 05, 2023


 Keep looking on the bright side of life! 🎶🎵🎶


People aren’t going to stand for much more of

 this nonsense


 It’s Getting Ridiculous

As in all times throughout history, there is war somewhere in the world, and seldom (never?) in just one location.  Along with war, there is the usual widely-distributed injustice and oppression happening somewhere as well.   People can (and should) hold a blanket disdain for bloodshed but the odd event of our time is the focused attention to one relatively tiny (so far) confrontation. 

If a war involves the U.S. or Israel, one can expect the usual crowd to whip up frenzy in the world’s capitols.  The current Israeli/Palestine horror show didn’t occur because Israel decided to start picking on a random location.  If I recall, Israeli citizens were brutally attacked by a savage terrorist organization that has wide support among the Arab populations of Palestine and the region.  Repelled by Israel’s “lack of a proportional response” is like complaining about the Pacific war against Japan…after their government bombed Pearl Harbor.  

Yes, a cease fire would be nice. Reduced casualties on all sides, ideal.  But, let’s not pretend that a radical Muslim terrorist group was not responsible for initiating current events in the region.  

Like any conflict that spans the ages, partisans can claim initial virture. Just pick the period that best shows your side in a positive light.

It would be transparently dishonest for anyone to claim that anti-semitism isn’t a factor in the mass, well-organized, protests currently taking place.  To be sure, “right wing” politics has a long history with the anti-semitism plague.  But, it might be more accurate to note that extremist — authoritarian — politics is the true culprit as current attacks on Israel and the Jewish people are overwhelmingly fermented by the extreme left.  Coincidence or otherwise, those most passionate in their hatred of Jews and Israel are typically not very fond of America either.

The leftist worldview primarily spins on the belief in an oppressor and an oppressed.  They’re driven by a need to prove moral perfection. They will never see themselves as “oppressor” (even if their ideology has resulted in deaths and oppression of millions).

For what it’s worth, I’m half Lebanese but I “identify” as American.  I feel no need to think that some genetic similarities should drive my ideological allegiances.

I “get” some of the stereotypes directed at Jews — affinities for business, banking, and domination of certain industries (eg. entertainment).  Carried to exaggeration and we get, “greedy” and “they stick together.”  To me, it looks like a mass exercise in psychological projection. Add envy and you get the ridiculous unfounded attacks on people that share traits with all of us.   I’ve liked Jewish people I’ve known.  A stereotype that holds true is a pronounced drive for academic success.  I don’t care if someone becomes successful and excels in creative and intellectual realms. I actually admire those traits.

The current conflict taking place in Israel/Palestine is tragic and holds potential dangers to the world but let’s not pretend that bitter violent groups that seek a nations complete destruction have somehow earned sympathy as the latest figurehead in contrived victimhood.

Saturday, November 04, 2023


“The world is not driven by greed, it’s driven by envy” — Charlie Munger.

Friday, November 03, 2023


The State vs. Citizens

 I watch a lot of congressional committee hearings and after doing so it becomes increasingly obvious that the conflict in ideologies occurring in the U.S. today boils down to an administration and political party (the Democrats) that seeks to increase their authority and the power of the state vs. people who don’t want that.

It really is that simple. 


Donald Trump Jr.



The Horror of

Democrat judicial Nominees 

Thursday, November 02, 2023


More Nonsense

 From The Coup  inc.


The Democrats’ Police State

 The real insurrection occurs when one political party uses the police powers of government to harrass and punish anyone voicing opposition to their schemes.  

For upcoming elections, conservative institutions need to play continual footage of the Democrats’ power plays.  More than half the population is currently unaware of the terrible life that they and their families will be living under the boot of communism/corporatism. 


Open Borders and the Dream of Uncontested Power

 This honest and accurate appraisal of the Democrats’ scheme needs to be repeated non-stop.  The fact that these evil authoritarians are willing to subject the country and it’s citizens to rampant increases in crime, assaults, drug overdoses, and expanding squalor for the sake of seizing uncontested power is beyond despicable. 

Never lose sight of the reason Democrats so aggressively wish to establish themselves as unopposed overlords of America. They can then change the country into a garden-variety socialist dystopia where everyone’s life is micro-managed into destitution, compelled obedience, pervasive threat of punishment. 

Wednesday, November 01, 2023


Police State

I just watched the Dinesh D’ Sousa documentary,  Police State .    In reviews of the film one will find the usual smattering of leftist resentment — in comical hyperbole.  What I found weird about that is that the basic premise of the movie is that America is becoming a police state.  Numerous valid examples are depicted or re-enacted. Why would any reasonable person have a problem with addressing such an issue?

As a film, the work is okay. I’d give it a seven out of ten (probably because I prefer science documentaries). It’s reasonably professional in the usual criteria of editing, cinematography, etc.  There are some conservative cliche’s (‘doesn’t mean they aren’t true) but on the whole, the message is important.

Again, I’m rather shocked that so many reviews coming from the left are so distraught in seeing some pushback to the agendas of those who truly are seeking to impose the elements of a genuine police state.  

The second half of the film drives the point home as it depicts actual heavy-handed FBI SWAT team attacks on people who dared oppose abortion (in one noteworthy case, the victim’s “crime” was pushing someone harassing his son by an abortion clinic — the prosecution wanted a sentence of eleven years in prison.  Other “crimes” against the Democrat-controlled state are, protesting school district promotions of pornography in public schools and, of course, walking through the Capitol rotunda on January 6th There were people who weren’t even in Washington DC on that day that have been harassed by the thugs and shameful underlings at the FBI. 

The rule of law and equality before the law in America are dead. While some opposition hangs onto some authority by a thread, most of the apparatus of government, media, education, and even the corporate world are completely controlled by the beliefs of Democrat party and other assorted extreme leftists (formerly called what they are, communists).

A host of traditional liberals (center-left) have seen the writing on the wall. People like Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, and Bill Maher have recognized that this new statist philosophy is something far above and beyond “liberalism.” From “cancellation” to prosecution, to restricting who will be allowed to appeal to the voting public for president, there’s a new sheriff in town and he is no fan of America’s constitution. 

In the French Revolution, the Girondists initially supported policies that we might call “liberal” today.  They wanted a freer more democratic society but their goals did not include beheading their king.  Haveing occupied the right side of their new legislative chamber, they exemplified the lable still used today — right wing.  On the left of the chamber were the same rabid thugs we see today on the Left, ready to upend society and unleash mass-chaos and bloodshed.  

American’s are just inches away from resurrecting some sanity into their historical era, or descending into just another period of historical collapse.  After that, there will be no place to hide. 

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